Sometimes I wish I wasn’t me.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t even human.

Sometimes I wish I was a dog, to have no worries whatsoever and to live with a loving family with children that would play with me everyday and feed me, and bathe me, and walk me through the park. That would be such a great life! To have only one question: to pee or not to pee on the carpet? I would be such a cute dog!

Sometimes I wish vampires would really exist and that I could be one of them and live forever. I would just love to see how the world changes every 100 years. And I could feed on all the cute guys I could never get otherwise, and make them my own. I would so rule as a vampire. With all the power! Yummy!

Sometimes I wish I was a butterfly, to live only one day but to enjoy that single day, flying around. I would so love to fly! Or was that the fruit fly that lives for only one day? Oh well, either way!

Sometimes I wish I could just fly away, on a distant planet and just enjoy the scenery: millions and millions of stars.

Sometimes, but just sometimes, I wish I could turn back time to keep you near me. But then I remember your flaws exceed your qualities. Oh, right, nevermind!

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