Reality check

You know those movies, with the girls that are always fooled by guys with lame pick up lines or lame compliments? You know, the kind of girls that giggle whenever someone tells them they are beautiful, or cute or whatever else adjective you might think of. And you know how you always think: how dumb can you be? That’s obviously just a line to get you into bed. And let’s be serious, who does that in real life, or better yet, who falls for that in real life?

And you are more than sure that you could never fall for that, cuz you just have more experience and you are definitely smarter. But what happens when you realize that you’ve just been played? Exactly like the girls in the movies? What happens then? Nothing happens; you just shut down and stop anyone else that tries to get inside you…r heart.

And so, you end up all alone and sad and victimizing yourself, telling yourself that you are not the one to blame, that guys are all pigs and that you will never ever love again. But then you come around and your decision changes with the first cute guy that smiles at you. Oh silly girl, don’t you know it will happen all over again? But how can you resist that charming smile, those dark, deep eyes. Oh well, at least you’ll get to walk him over town and enjoy the envious looks of other girls for a short amount of time. Because, even though you’re easy to impress, you still have your pride. And at the end of it all, that’s worth all the pain and tears when it’s all over, right? Right? …

Life is not what you want it to be… Life is not a fairytale…



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4 thoughts on “Reality check”

  1. de unde ai dedus tu ca primesc multa atentie? nu are nici cea ma mica legatura cu mine postu asta… ziceai ca ma cunosti…

  2. Pai am dedus eu de unde am dedus si nu stiu cand am zis ca te cunosc ultima oara si in ce fel am spus-o. Nu ma mai lua cu texte generice! O luam asa general atunci: unii intradevar primesc prea multa atentie si probabil nu fac fata, altii nu prea primesc nici o atentie si de asemenea nu fac fata unei descurcari sociale sa zicem.

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