Let’s talk

Let’s talk about the weather outside, about the sun that doesn’t shine no more. Let’s talk about the things I do, or don’t. Let’s talk about the times you’ve let me down and the times you’ll let me down.

Let’s just talk about what’s been up. Well, would you believe me if I said: “not much”? I keep trying to fit in this world of two. Yeah, meaning I keep seeing couples all around me, everywhere I go and I’m still alone. It has started to really bug me.

There’s too much I don’t understand, or maybe I do, I just don’t want to believe it, or maybe I look to much into things I should leave alone, maybe everything will take it’s place at some point.

I keep waiting for my big happy news, just a few days away. Just a couple of days until my future is decided. I started with an optimistic smile on this path, now, that smile keeps fading away, and I keep thinking I’m given to rot in this frickin’ state of mind.

Ah, but hell, I must keep my head up, high, into the sky, and keep lying to myself that everything is going to go according to plan. Yes, I must.

Anyway, either than that, I went to see The Amsterdams in concert (again). So, if you wanna see some movies from that night just click here. I’m not a professional camera-man (or woman) so don’t start.

Oh yeah, so I don’t forget, on the 20th of November I will go see The Moood. I like them too, you should go too! It won’t be bad for you to listen to some good music for a change!

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