Humans and their feelings

You know that feeling when you meet someone new, and you like them, they like you but then comes the moment when you learn about the ex. The ex that ruined that said person that you like. And after this comes all the drama with: I was different before it happened, I was a sweet, innocent little child, but they’ve ruined me, they broke my heart, so from now on I’m this cruel bitch that has to punish everyone else for someone else’s mistake and madness.

Well, I think that’s just a load of crap. So, you trusted someone that let you down, so they broke your heart, now tell me all about how you can never trust in people again, and how you’ll never love again. Bullshit! I think that you’re just that cold-hearted, that the person that “broke” you actually helped you to show your real self, or, you’re just that weak and afraid that you think because someone made you feel sad and cry yourself to sleep many nights, you have the right to fuck other people up.

No, that doesn’t give you any rights what-so-ever. The only thing that you can do, is man up and make sure next time you won’t be as stupid as before. If someone broke your heart, cry, send them ugly messages or just ignore them. Don’t take it out on someone that might actually like you and would try their best to fix your heart. Don’t play with other people’s feelings, because that way, you’ll ruin them, and they will go around and do the same thing to others and at the end of it all, we’ll be just a small planet full of heartbroken, bitchy, mean old people. Come to think of it… we already are!

It’s hard to put yourself out there again, I know, been there, done that, but I’m still not the kind of person that just hurts other people just because someone else hurt me when I wasn’t paying attention and I was busy falling in love. You get over it, you learn something and you find someone else that you like. You pay more attention to detail, heck, you might even want to try something new like: communication. Well, now that’s a thought! Communication! Wow, if someone had ever thought about it before! Yeah, try to talk to the person next to you, don’t be afraid you might scare them away, because if you do, guess what: it wasn’t meant to be (or something to that effect).

I know you’re afraid to end up alone, but really now, would you rather have a life full of arguments and fights than one without a fuss? Yeah, yeah, of course you’ll choose the worst one. Oh well, I tried…

We try too much to find that special someone that we actually forget that they have to be what we like, and not something we just make peace with because it’s too hard to find the one that’s supposed to be ours. Yeah, it’s hard, but it’s like working on a sculpture, or a painting, or a book, or anything like that, it’s hard work, but it comes out the way we want and it’s good. So why settle for something with more flaws and less qualities just because it’s easier?

We complicate the things that are supposed to be simple and we simplify the things that are supposed to be complicated. Life shouldn’t be upside down!

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