Sometimes I wish I wasn’t me.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t even human.

Sometimes I wish I was a dog, to have no worries whatsoever and to live with a loving family with children that would play with me everyday and feed me, and bathe me, and walk me through the park. That would be such a great life! To have only one question: to pee or not to pee on the carpet? I would be such a cute dog!

Sometimes I wish vampires would really exist and that I could be one of them and live forever. I would just love to see how the world changes every 100 years. And I could feed on all the cute guys I could never get otherwise, and make them my own. I would so rule as a vampire. With all the power! Yummy!

Sometimes I wish I was a butterfly, to live only one day but to enjoy that single day, flying around. I would so love to fly! Or was that the fruit fly that lives for only one day? Oh well, either way!

Sometimes I wish I could just fly away, on a distant planet and just enjoy the scenery: millions and millions of stars.

Sometimes, but just sometimes, I wish I could turn back time to keep you near me. But then I remember your flaws exceed your qualities. Oh, right, nevermind!


What is perfection? What is perfect? Who is to say some things are or aren’t perfect? Why does everything have to be compared to other similar things? Why can’t things be just what they are? Good or bad!

According to the dictionary perfect is conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type. Meaning that something perfect is something without flaws. But what happens when one person says that one particular thing has no flaws and another person states the exact opposite? Is that thing perfect or not?

I guess the phrase “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” can also apply in the case of perfection. The thing you find perfect, could seem just normal to someone else. And that is in fact a good thing, because we all are distinct individual, and also, humans. What if everyone were to think exactly the same? The answer is simple: we would all be robots.

I agree, most of us might seem like we think alike, but that’s just what society does to you. You must fit in! I agree, you must, but not anywhere, where you actually fit in.

I know, I know, there are standards for every single little thing. But I hate standards, makes all the normal people look… not normal. So, if I say something is perfect, well it sure is perfect to me.

We spend our lives searching for that perfect someone, when in fact, we ourselves are not perfect. How can you be so cynical as to want someone that in theory is so much better than you?

So, at the end of the day, perfect is what you want it to be!



Ok, so I guess it’s time for a new post. I haven’t written anything in a very long time! Why? Just because I’d rather write something interesting from time to time than write common stuff everyday. I don’t like writing just because, and besides, my “many” readers won’t mind.

With everyday that goes by, I realize things around me keep changing and I keep staying the same. Is it good, is it bad… I don’t know, all I know is that people around me keep getting engaged, or married, or having a baby. And what do I do?

I get a puppy!

I always thought this was something like a last resort when your about 50 and still single. But looks like it’s better than nothing, and besides, keeps me busy.

Anyway, I’m so sick of society and what it represents. Why does everybody do the same thing? Why is everyone in a hurry? And why do I want the same things?

But, let’s be optimistic! Or at least just hope that tomorrow will be better. Because, in the end of it all hope is all we have. We can work all our lives for something, and not get it, but at least we die hopping. Bleah… that’s the dumbest thing ever!

Let’s just be realistic, it’s the best thing to do!

P.S. Isn’t my puppy just adorable?

Valentine’s Day

Da, știu, e târziu, a trecut de mai bine de o săptămâna. Dar, fiind seară, iar eu fără chef de televizor sau filme, am început să mă a€œplimb” printre bloguri. Și am întâlnit pe mai mult de un blog un post dedicat acestei zile.

Dar ce să vezi, nu erau vorbe de bine. Păi și-atunci? Unde sunt oamenii pentru care s-a preluat această a€œminunata” sărbătoare? Că doar magazinele de pun în rafturi inimioare, ursuleți și alte minunății din aceeași categorie, nu le-or pune pentru ei. Ci pentru cumpărători. Oameni ce au cerut inconștient și subtil dezvoltarea unei sărbători în care să poată spună “€œTe iubesc” fără a se simți sub papuc.

Păi, și-atunci de unde nevoia subită de a vă plânge că nu suntem originali și c㠀œ”furăm” ideile și cultura altora? Păi pentru cine să păstrăm cultura noastră? Că vorba aia, avem și noi destulă.

Recunosc, nici eu nu sunt de acord cu sfântul Valentin, care apropo, în calendarul ortodox apare o data pe 16 februarie, o data pe 24 aprilie și pe 24 octombrie (evident nu este vorba de același Valentin). Și totuși, ca români, tot ceea ce ne poate aduce un ban în plus este binevenit, pentru că această sărbătoare, este o idee genială de marketing pentru diverse companii.

Dar de ce să nu ne folosim de lucrurile pe care la avem deja? De ce să nu ne prețuim propria cultură? Dar ce spun, nu știu de ce îmi doresc lucruri imposibile. Și ni se bate obrazul când spunem că nu suntem mândrii de țara noastră. Am motive?

Și în plus, de ce am nevoie de o un motiv să-i spun celui de lângă mine că-l iubesc? Faptul că-l iubesc nu este un motiv destul de bun?

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was… what was it?

It was me, it was you, it was us. It was a dream, the sweetest nightmare. There were tears, fighting shadows from the past like a knight fights a dragon to save his beloved.

There were whispers, lost in the sky. It was the present which now we call past. There were lies, future plans, promises made in vain. There was hope of a brighter day.

It was me being me all over again. There was pain, there was laughter, there was love. But was it really? Wasn’t it just my imagination playing tricks on me? Did it really happen?

Does anything really happen? What is reality?